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We've partnered with an HR expert to support our clients both new and existing in all aspects of HR - and we're offering a 1 hour free consultation with no obligations!

Whether you're a business that doesn't have access to a HR professional, or maybe you need extra support in some areas, then our HR Expert can provide the knowledge and assistance to move your business forward. Be it a specific HR issue, a need for more general advice within Human Resources or outsourcing an area of HR to take the load off your current HR staff so you can focus on other areas, our expert can be of significant value to you and your business.

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Our expert has a wealth of experience across multiple Human Resources areas, including:

Workforce planning - Organisational change

Workplace culture - Policy development

Payroll services assistance - Health & safety

Managing scalability - Coaching for managers


With over 15 years of Aerospace, Defence & Technology experience and being an influential member of CPID, our expert has the knowledge you need.

Throughout their career, our expert has seen every HR issue in the book, putting them in a great position to help across a wide range of HR scenarios now or on the horizon. With experience across the full breadth of Human Resources Management covering Commercial, Legal and Compliance personnel topics domestically and globally, any issue you may have can be talked through with our expert. They can give you quickly accessible, reliable and impactful advice that can help your business.

With our expert taking the load off your HR staff - or guiding them through any issues - that means you can focus more on the commercial needs within your business, whilst making sure you move forward in a way that is scalable and HR-friendly.

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