Mason Controls

"Enabling a connected world by creating reliable, precision human machine interface solutions."

A Workplace Unlike Any Other

Mason Controls is the type of workplace that will have you excited to come to work every day. All the shining faces of their amazing employees, the great company activities, and their attitude of making sure the company runs as a well-oiled machine. Everybody treats one another with the utmost respect and every single one of their employees means more to them than just a number on a spreadsheet.

Mason Controls welcomes people who share their determination and high standards to join them in doing work that moves the world forward. They design, manufacture, and market highly engineered products and systems principally for the aerospace and defence markets. Mason Controls offers world-class control devices and subsystems — such as control grips, throttles, and HaWC Controllers — for today's advanced cockpits, military vehicles, and other specialized applications. Their solutions fall into two broad categories: control products and components.

Mason's Culture Promise

"We make sure we recognise our staff at every opportunity. With frequent company retreats, big company-wide birthday celebrations and the famous Mason annual picnic - we make sure working for us is never 100% work. Mason Controls brings a very unique culture to everything we do because we do things the Mason Way. A great atmosphere creates happiness for our employees and this means we can all work together in harmony."

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