Dale - Aerospace Quality Engineer

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over 2 years ago by neelam khalid

Earlier this year I was made aware that my job was under threat of redundancy, this was very daunting for me as I had never been made redundant in my 35 year working life.

I was told by colleagues to register with a few agencies, promote yourself and get yourself noticed. It was then, the antics of some of the Recruiters came to light, which didn’t fill me with confidence.

I received a phone call from RPS, regarding a Quality Engineering role, which I was very interested in. The Company was a first tier supplier into Rolls Royce and looking for someone with Aerospace experience. A few days later RPS called me to ask if I would go for an interview. 

RPS have been consummate Professionals. They contacted me the night before the interview to wish me good luck (which incidentally turned into pep talk to bolster my confidence, which was pretty low at the time).

The Consultant had excellent knowledge of the Aerospace Industry, which went way beyond his years. They also sent literature to help me prepare, and guidance on what they would be looking for in an interviewee.  

This was followed up by a phone call after the interview to see how I felt the interview had gone.

When I was offered the role, RPS rang me with the good news, just as I’d arrived at the airport to start my holiday, this was the best holiday news.

On my return, I was greeted with a Congratulations card which I thought was a nice touch.

RPS have restored my faith in Recruitment Agents and have been my guiding light through the whole process, always ready to answer my questions and quell any fears I may have had.

They have a genuine passion for the job and seem to care for the people they place, but for me they go the extra mile.

RPS have been a real inspiration, giving me the confidence to pursue a role I thought was unobtainable, and giving me the confidence and self-belief to follow a dream job.